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A big "Thank You" to the Los Alamos Daily Post for sponsoring our Main Street Crowd funding campaign!



 You can pick the workshops you want. Please note that some workshops have other workshops as pre-requisite.

More workshops to come (ex: Protein analysis).


After-school program

and summer workshops

Current list of workshops (subject to change)

Some workshops have more than one part.

- Safety training

(required to attend workshops other than DNA extraction)

- Principles of blood typing (with simulated blood)

- DNA extraction (extract your own DNA, from your mouth cells)

- Micropipetting basics

- Agarose gel electrophoresis

- Restriction enzyme cleavage of DNA

- DNA Fingerprinting with restriction enzymes

- Pinciples of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

- DNA Fingerprinting by PCR

- Detection of Genetically Modified foods by PCR

- DNA barcoding

- Quantitative PCR

- DNA paternity testing simulation

- DNA Fingerprinting by Southern Blot

- Cancer gene detection

- Detection of mad cow disease (simulation)

- Principles of cloning

- Blue/white cloning

- Isolation of plasmid DNA

- UV-induced DNA damage

- "Detection of a simulated infectious agent"

- Principles of DNA sequencing

- Bioinformatics

- DNA and genetics board games

Let's take the show on the road: We'll bring fun science to your door.

Get us to visit the school or museum of your choice for an on-site workshop!

Give a science teacher a break for a few hours and help bring excitement and fun in the science classroom. You can donate an on-site workshop to the school of your choice or any after-school program of your choice (in central and northern New Mexico). Get us to go to an elementary, middle or high school or after-school program of your choice for a fun science workshop (within a 50-mile radius of los alamos: Albuquerque, Espanola, Taos, Santa Fe areas), and help ignite an interest for science in students. The students will leave not only with more knowledge and potentially a new passion, but they will also get to make their own DNA necklaces or get their own DNA fingerprint among other topics. Please check out our workshop list (coming soon).

Continuing education

Our workshops are hands-on and for all.

Whether you are home-schooled, a retired scientist or just curious and want to know what this "Biotechnology" stuff is all about, we have something for you.


If you have a particular project you'd like to work on and would like to use our facility, equipment and input, contact us to see if and how we can help.

"BIOrphan project"

If you have more ideas than you have time, technicians or students, let us help you...for free! Make sure to "contact us" and describe the particular skills requested and maybe a little bit about your project. If you have a particular timeline in mind, please let us know.

This service is free of charge. It will provide a unique opportunity for our students, members and volunteers to have the satisfaction to work on real projects. All we request is that if a peer-reviewed publication is expected involving the work we provided, please provide our students or workers the opportunity for authorship on the paper, or an acknowledgement when appropriate.