Our first supporters


A big "Thank You" to the Los Alamos Daily Post for sponsoring our Main Street Crowd funding campaign!



We would like to give a shout out to our very first supporters!

Thank you for taking a leap of faith and being willing to donate some of your precious time and money to help us in our mission!

We had a premature Kickstarter campaign, but we were able to raise close to $1,000. The campaign was "all or nothing", so we did not get the funds, but more than money, we got a big boost.

We were trying to raise $6,000 to get us absolutely ready to welcome at least 10 students in our facility. Although we didn't get the funding, the kickstarter project did just us kickstart our project. It helped us get more visibility. We have established a number of local contacts and we even landed a corporate sponsor.'s to you dear backers...a great Thank you!


1st Kickstarter backers: (in order of appearance on Kickstarter)

Dodo D.-D.

David G.

Jenice Y.

Marion K.

Sarah S.

Pat S. P. M.

Jacqueline S.

Jake L.

Ingrid M.

Carolina A.


Alyson E.

Jacob Y.



Jason C.


Thank you for your support!