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Make a Difference with Citizen Science!

Did you know that if you like science or are just curious and want to make a can actually participate in either the collection of scientific data or in the actualy analysis of data ?!

There are a number of global and local opportunitites for you to get involved and become an amateur scientist.

We will periodically list here a select number of citizen science opportunities for you to explore and enjoy.

If you would like to suggest any other opportunities, please contact us here.

Are you in?


- We have started a DNA Barcoding citizen science project here in New Mexico, so you can help science while you go hiking for example.

Learn how to sign up and send us your samples.

  if you want to get involved.

Citizen Science is an exciting and growing field.

Here is an introduction to environmental citizen science via the NEON project:

Other global ways you can help science! :

* CoCoRaHS

* Picture Post

* Project BudBurst

* FrogWatch

* CellSlider

You can do your part in helping cancer research...really!

This project allows you to look at pictures of cancer cells and teaches you how to analyze them. You just have to answer 3 questions based on your observations. No pressure, "you are not alone"...


*Become a plant-pathogen scientist

Monitor bacterial infection of leaves. By simply classifying images, you can help test the "chloroplast-clumping" hypothesis.


* If you like observing nature, you can really make a difference. Check out those citizen science projects:

- Butterflies and moths

- Bumble Bee

- Squirrel (You can now download a free App for that too.)

- Spiders


* Mars Exploration Rovers... in your neighborhood!

Analyze the rocks in your area with the same tools used to analyze rocks on Mars.

Send NASA your rocks!


* Phylo DNA puzzles

Play a game online and contribute to genetic disease research!


* Rosetta@home

Help determine the 3D structure of proteins to help scientific research aimed at finding cures for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer etc...