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Who we are...What we do...

Why we do what we do

We are scientists and educators with a passion for science, learning and community outreach.


Who we are:
Biodidact is a Research and Development community lab with a mission to educate and serve our community by helping to make biotechnology education more accessible.

What we offer:
We offer various biotech workshops to students, schools, teachers and any other individual curious about biotechnology. Biodidact also helps students get a head start by giving them basic research experience opportunities and help them decide whether biotechnology is really something they want to do or not...(for more info on this topic click here).

Why we do what we do:

Our mission: "Biotechnology education for all."
We are an independent research laboratory, committed to bringing life sciences to our community in a sustainable and responsible manner.
Biotechnology touches our everyday lives. Adequate biotechnology education is essential to our communities.
Better education= better decisions.

What benefit to our communities ?:
By making science more open, we believe that we will help our community get a better understanding of some of the technology that affects our everyday lives. It will also help students stay in science or even stay in school.

Hands-on learning can be the difference between staying in school or dropping out. Biodidact is also an opportunity for people (underemployed, or just curious) to learn new skills. We provide quality mentoring opportunities.

Benefits to the scientific community:
We believe that when a diverse group comes together...great things happen!
We do believe that "DIY Bio" and citizen science can play an integral part of not only the science education landscape, but also the basic scientific research culture.

In this era of decreased funding for basic science research, growing knowledge and creativity of both scientists and non-scientists, the community can come together and foster creative learning while collaborating with actual scientists and larger research institutions. We think that "citizen science" and "science crowdsourcing" are excellent ways to get our communities more involved and demystify science.

How can we expect our representatives to advocate more funding for basic scientific research if they, or their constituents, don't really grasp what is done in a lab?


Why get our community involved?

As stated above, we believe that when a diverse group comes together...great things happen!

Why now and why in New Mexico?


"Biotechnology is hands down the fastest growing technology sector.
And most people still don't really know what biotechnology is.
No... it's not just GM foods and no... it's not just algae biofuels! 
Physicists, software developers and computer engineers are getting into biotechnology.
The buzz word is "synthetic biology".
Even Google is getting in on biotechnology!
Google revealed that they had a life sciences department 
and, among other things, they are working on a wearable nanotechnology based device to detect cancer.
The 2 major Biotech hubs in the US are San Francisco and Boston. What do they have that we don't...
They have a bio workforce ready to go and they rank higher in science education. Massachusetts actually ranks #1.
New Mexico ranks first in PhD scientists and engineers as a percentage of the workforce, 
yet we only rank 46 out of 50 states in science education. We can pride ourselves in being better than Alabama, Louisiana,West Virginia and Mississippi.
Even New Jersey got the memo!
When you think of New Jersey, the last thing you think of is a biotech hub,
yet they are doing everything they can to be just that. 
They want to attract Biotech companies to their state,
because they know that's where the high-tech and high-paying jobs are and will be.

Let's make a difference in New Mexico!

Let's engage our community in science and broaden our students' horizon.

Join us and explore what Biotech can do for you...and what you can do for Biotech.



Founder: Prisca Tiasse, PhD